About Unchained Events

Unchained Events is a purpose-driven company based in Fort Worth, Texas.  We hold educational workshops to help individuals quickly and effectively startup an ecommerce business on a shoestring budget.

Our Mission, Vision, & Values

Mission, Vision, Values

Unchained Events is on a mission to help individuals reclaim their independence by using ecommerce education to empower and educate individuals towards launching their own Internet-based business and begin the journey of becoming more autonomous and less reliant on the corporate structure.

Our vision is to put opportunity for advancement and financial prosperity back in the hands of individuals like it was before industrialization turned it over to corporations.   

Our core values consist of the 6 I’s. 

  • Independence
  • Improve
  • Internet
  • Intelligence
  • Individuals
  • Integrity

We desire financial independence for everyone as we believe it is a requirement to improve our existence.  We employ the Internet and ecommerce intelligence as a vehicle to pursue our mission. We respect all individuals; welcoming diversity and holding ourselves to the highest degree of integrity at all times in honor of humanity.

Meet The Founders

Tamikka and Michelle Brown-Green are a spousal team who’ve journed forces in business to pursue a cause they are passionate about.

Founders of Unchained Events

Michelle Brown-Green, eCommerce Instructor Unchained Events

Born in Fort Campbell, KY to a young mother and a father who was enlisted in the army, Michelle lived in 4 different states by the age of 7.  She is the second of 4 children born to the pair.  After her father got out of the military, her family moved back to their hometown in Fort Wayne, Indiana where she was raised from age 7.

Her father worked for General Electric, before being laid off.  He supported his family by using the skills he learned at GE to repair washers and dryers that had been disposed of by the previous owners.  As a young girl, Michelle would watch his operations, which sparked her interest in entrepreneurship.

Her parents divorced just before her teen year; which resulted in financial hardship that did not go unnoticed by, Michelle.  This drove her to pursue entrepreneurship even more; launching her first business, a house cleaning service, at the age of 14.  While a senior, pursuing an accounting degree in college, her interest turned to ecommerce.  She graduated from college with a degree that she would never use as ecommerce had spoiled her to any other profession.

In 2009, she moved to Texas to be with her then girlfriend, Tamikka, where she landed her first job as an online marketing manager for a Dallas-based pest control company.  There, she planned and executed an online marketing strategy that would produce record sales for the company, and solidify her as a credible expert in ecommerce.

From there she moved on to the corporate world where she successfully held roles as an SEO specialist and brand site producer for a major hotel chain; before being laid off after a change of brand ownership.  She launched Unchained Events with her wife, Tamikka as a movement towards helping individuals begin the process of becoming more autonomous in order to reduce their dependency on a job.

Tamikka Brown-Green Unchained Events

Born and raised in Carbondale, Illinois, Tamikka Brown-Green (maiden name Brown), was brought up in a two-parent single-family home.  She was the youngest of 3 siblings with a span of nearly 6 years between her and the age of the second youngest sibling.

She became a leader at a young age, after being promoted to manager at her first job at Dairy Queen; at the tender age of 16.  She has been in management ever since.  In 2008, she developed Rheumatoid Arthritis, which progressed to a level of severity that affected her ability to sustain employment.

Denied for disability, like many others, Tamikka fell through the cracks of a broken system that failed her when she needed it most.  This experience has shaped her views on the importance of becoming self-reliant and motivated her to pursue the mission of Unchained Events along side her spouse and partner, Michelle.